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Tennessee Trip

Is this the picture of a woman "permanently disabled"
with a back injury?

Ann Parker has been living off your tax dollars for over fifteen years and is obviously enjoying every minute. She pays no taxes. She got free or subsidized medical care and prescriptions.

Does this outrage you? Then let her know!

Name: Margaret Ann Parker--aka Ann Parker

Address: 301 Granville Road, Franklin, Tennessee 37064

Tel. No: (615) 599-4060

I have spent $30,428.94 to maintain her property.

Please! Help Me Defeat Her

MUST READ UPDATE: Margaret Ann Parker is still free to lie and cheat, causing pain and distress wherever she goes. Here's what her new neighbors have to say:

"My wish would be for you to legally take her property, and she have to go elsewhere to stir up trouble."

"My husband and I have been owners here...for 10 years and have loved living here until recently. Ann and a group of people that are not happy here have decided they need to oust the manager, managing company, board of directors, maintenance man, security etc.

"She is nosy, stirs up trouble between a lot of neighbors that prior to her moving here were good friends. She appears to have a vendetta against the owner investors here as well as their renters. Funny since she is technically a renter as well... With our bylaws as they are, she is not entitled to even attend the Homeowners Association meetings, much less solicit proxy votes from other homeowners, without a Power of Attorney from her father to represent his unit. No such paper has ever been presented, as she passes herself off to be an "Owner-Occupant."

"As for the church, if you had not have mentioned it I would never have guessed she was even a Christian. So sad to find that out. You expect that behavior more from the heathens... I'll see if I can check into her disability by checking with Tenn Care here. Yes a few pictures of her walking 5 to 7 dogs at a time would probably make them take a second look at her disability status."

Margaret Ann Parker abandoned property we own jointly, leaving me with all the debts and mortgage payments. On November 18, 1999 she agreed--before a judge, under oath--to sign the property over to me. Her subsequent actions prove she never intended to honor that agreement. After thousands spent attempting to collect, I am now in danger of losing everything, including my home.

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